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Frey, J., Hund, A., and Beimborn, D. (2022)
Designing Scaled-agile Organizations: A Taxonomy of Design Criteria
Proceedings of the 17. International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, Nuernberg, Germany

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Scaled-agile organizations (SAOs) have emerged as a popular response to the rapid digital transformation of entire industries. However, we currently lack a conceptual understanding of potential design choices of SAOs and calls for effective organizational structures remain only partially answered. Hence, we seek to answer the question of how different designs affect the implementation of SAOs in incumbent organizations. We do this by developing a taxonomy following the approach by Nickerson et al. and based on data from six cases studies. Our findings provide a taxonomy that identifies a set of eight design criteria across two levels. The taxonomy advances our understanding of the different SAO designs and helps to increase the conceptual clarity of SAOs. We provide a valuable basis for further research and supply practical insights.

Frey, J., Hund, A., and Beimborn, D. (2021)
Scaling Agility: How Organizations Balance Tensions in Scaled-agile Organizations
Proceedings of the 42nd International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Austin, Texas, USA
(Research in Progress)

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Scaled-agile organizations (SAOs) have emerged as a response by incumbent organizations to take on digital transformation efforts. However, these structures come with challenges, especially paradoxical tensions that need to be addressed. Therefore, we employ an exploratory common process case study series design to answer the following research questions: Which tensions underlie SAOs and how can these tensions best be balanced? We identify eight tensions on three levels and along two dimensions and show preliminary resolution strategies to manage these tensions. With this, we seek to shed light on how SAOs can be designed to minimize tensions and maximize their impact on strategic agility. In doing so, we provide valuable insights for researchers and practitioners.

Frey, J., Holotiuk, F., and Beimborn, D. (2020)
Debating Digital Innovation: A Literature Review on Realizing Value from Digital Innovation
Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, Potsdam, Germany

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Digital innovation has developed into an intensely discussed area of research in the information systems field. While there is much research that focuses on the description of the phenomenon, the evidence for value creation that digital innovation can enable for organizations is less synthesized and visible. With this in mind, we conduct a literature review to identify innovations based on information technology and to answer the research question of where digital innovation can create economic value for organizations. Our synthesis depicts existing value dimensions of digital innovation with the help of five value loci. Moreover, we derive a set of white spots and research directions that surface three potential avenues for future research. We contribute to digital innovation research in that we (1) analyze and synthesize the existing digital innovation value literature and (2) propose avenues for future digital innovation value research.

Frey, J., Hund, A., and Beimborn, D. (2020)
Achieving Digital-enabled Strategic Agility Through Resolving Tensions in Scaled-Agile Organizations
Proceedings of the EJIS Special Issue Workshop (Pre-AMCIS Workshop), Salt Lake City, USA
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Holotiuk, F., Beimborn, D., Hund, A., Wagner, H., Frey, J., and Moormann, J. (2020)
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